Cute (girls)

1.Be positive and think positive

Cute people are fun and enjoyable they are also so adorable. These are some simple tips for you:

Smile: You it can give people the positive side of you and they will think that you are friendly.

Laugh: Cheer up your friends, to feel good et c you will feel positive and people will want you to be around you more (Don’t laugh wildly or too much you will scare or annoy people)

Be fun: Spend time with friends outdoors go to adventures with friends and family, you name it. Be friendly, tell jokes and people want to be around you.

2. Behaviour

Talk softly that means people will don’t need to hear you from metres away.

Be innocent: Don’t do anything that will lead you to trouble. (that’s what cute girls don’t do)

Conversation: Start a conversation, but don’t be repetitive.


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