Its this time where you need to know these essential beauty hacks

1. Apply a few lipstick dabs on the centre of your cheeks and blend to make a rose-type glow.

2.  Apply some lipstick to your fingers and put it on your lips.

3.Use lipstick to the centre of your lids using a patting motion. 

  1. Blow hot air into your eyelash curler until it heats up. Cool slightly and clamp it on the lashes. 
  2. Use a thick white eye-liner and put a line on top of your eyebrows and the bottom of them. Smudge it with a sponge tip.
  3. Use a Matte eye shadow that matches your hair colour. Lightly brush the scalp with the eye shadow on your hair line. Next Blend it.
  4. Grab a wet wipe and run it on your hair also do this to your hair brush or comb.


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