12 rapid ways to clean your house in 5 minuits

1. Have 3 bins for charity, keep, bin. go through your clutter and sort it out into these baskets/ boxes.

2. Put books, TV romotes, magazines and comics to the correct place.

3. Arrange your furniture in a tidy, clean way like your throw pillows neatly on the couch and the same with blankets.

4.If you have time vacuum your house.

5. clean mirrors and glass in your bathroom using glass cleaning sprays and glass surface cloths.

6.Clean the toilet.

7.Clean any dusty surfaces.

8.Straighten hand towels, bath mat, closing the shower curtain door.

9.clean the clutter.

10.Pick up any dirty clothes around your house and put it in the laundry.

11.Wash the dishes & Dry them

12.Put stuff like a charger, headphones, unopened mail in a shopping bag.



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