signs you have been bffs forever.

Image result for friends hanging out

1. some of your clothes are in her house because you go to her house.

2.You can come to her house unannounced

3.Her mom is like your second

4.You go to her house to hang out even though she is not there.

5. You have your tooth brush, tooth paste and pjs because you have sleepovers so many times.

6.You don’t need to ask for food and drinks.

7.You are allowed to yell at their annoying siblings.

8. You can spend a day with them watching movies and eating

9.She knows your life/ everything about you.

10.Wherever you are you are always having fun with them.

11.Even when you don’t come to her her mom asks.

12.Her closet is practically almost yours.

13.You know each others secrets.

14.People think you are siblings.

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