4 Easy breakfast ideas for school

1. On the go oats

First pour oats, milk of your choice into a mason jar and add cinnamon, syrup and any ingredients of your choice.

Next shake it and put it in the refrigerator for over night so that the milk will go in the oats and it will soak up so that when you wake up in the morning you can add fresh fruit.

2. Pre Made Smoothies

First put plain yoghurt in ice cube trays. Then place it in the freezer for over night.

Next you need some frozen fruit of your choice and and add your own combinations to each plastic bag and add 1 frozen yoghurt in each bag.

After you put it in the freezer and when you wake up in the morning you pour one of the bags in the blender and add 1 cup of any liquid you prefer e.g apple juice.

Lastly you put it in a go cup.

3. Apple Breakfast Sandwiches

First take the core out of an apple and then cut the apple into slices.

Next just spread some almond butter you can also use sunflower butter on the apple slices and you can add granola or anything you prefer.

After that you can add chocolate chips or anything you prefer then you add another slice on top and enjoy your sandwich.

4. Blueberry banana pancakes

First you grab a banana and you have to start by mashing it up. Put it into a bowl and you crack up two eggs and put it in the same bowl you can add cinnamon after that if you please. You have to add baking powder as well and you mix it all together.

Next you can put the mixture into a blender for a short time and you put it back in the same bowl and put small portions into the pan. If the fist side is cooked flip it do the next and put it on a plate.

After you drizzle some maple syrup on top of your pancakes and add blueberries


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