Sand Art Hair

I put my hair into the trusty hands of Luis Payne, the brilliant artistic director of NYC's Hairroin Salon. Together, we set to work on a very particular vision. I wanted to steer clear of warmer colors like red, orange, and yellow, which I associate with bad dye jobs. Inspired by this editorial in Grazia France, I decided on a palette of blue, green, purple, and pink, with a little pastel thrown in for good measure. Before he could get to work on the fun part, Payne needed a clean palette. Using Pravana bleach and Olaplex (a salon-only wonder product that keeps hair from getting damaged during the color process), Payne took my hair โ€” a mix of old highlights and my natural color โ€” to light yellow before toning it to a silver-platinum shade. I was feeling very Daenerys Targaryen-esque, but not for long.

Instead of straight lines, Payne separated my hair along the diagonal, into triangle-shaped sections.

For the transformation, Payne used Pravana's brand-new color system, Vivids Locked-In. The new technology allows stylists to apply several different shades to strands without the colors bleeding into one another.

We started with six main colors โ€” pink, blue, yellow-green, a bluish-purple, violet, and a pastel purple-gray. As Payne worked, he mixed in Pravana's Vivid Clear formula to produce lighter shades and pastels โ€” perfect for creating a more muted palette around my face.

After the application process, Payne let the color sit for 30 minutes before rinsing out.

Payne used approximately 12 different shades to achieve this dramatic effect. The best part? Depending on where I part my hair, a completely new range of colors reveals itself.

After a fresh blowout, we decided to try out some traditional Hollywood pin curls on the decidedly nontraditional hues. Though I knew what I'd signed up for, I never imagined this as the end result. Payne exceeded my expectations by far. Reactions to my new look range from,


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