some few ways to be calm

  1. When you are angry try to think ‘Does being angry will make anything better?’ no way. It will not make anything better we all been through this it will make you in a bad state and you will put yourself in trouble.
  2. Try to take few breaths and count to ten.

  1. Try to distract yourself like playing with your pets, doing your favourite hobby or take some fresh air.
  2. Do some Exercises or workouts. This will distract you and it will make you focus on how many workouts you do to make you brighter, healthier and fitter.
  3. Listen to music. This will calm you down because it will make you think of the meanings of the song and it can relate to what you are going through sometimes.
  4. Try to change the conversation so that you become less stressed and depressed.
  5. Get some sleep. People have proven that it also helps your beauty.

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