Take a journey and collect things on the adventures you take…

♡ xo, Blush ♡:

Bohemian Spirit Vintage Lace Trim Dreamcatcher by kmichel on Etsy:

Vintage Vogue - I think that the old covers are so much more interesting than the current ones that feature month after month of the same celebrity faces:

Could use this idea in my Victorian home--take wallpaper and paper the risers and polyurethane over it or could even stencil the risers--prettie-sweet: http://4.bp.blogspot.com:

LOVE our glass doorknobs... got to invest in a few more. Most of the house has them but a few rooms have moderns and those have to go!:

I was born in the wrong era!  I Love This Charleston Cream Bone Dress!  The Charleston dress delivers all the sass and flash of the Roaring 20's!:

This is deco is so romantic. Would be gorgeous if I someday had the means, or the need for a GIANT closet all to myself.:

Vintage Glam ~ 40/50s classic movies, lush, plush, retro. inspiration: audrey hepburn, grace kelly, old hollywood, classic movies stars.:

♡ -@Beinggirlyxox:


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