Beauty tips

  1. Argan Oil is great for hair, nails and skin. It helps dry skin.
  2.  If you eat good food it can have a positive effect to your body is you eat the wrong foods then it will have a negative effect on your body / skin.
  3. Drink a glass of water before you go to bed because it helps to reduce puffy eyes in the morning.
  4. Line upper and lower lash lines with white eyeliner, tracing as close to lash line as possible. Your eyes will look larger and more alert!
  5. If you eat a little bit of dark chocolate daily it can reduce the risk of cancer also to help prevent ageing.
  6. If you have acne and oily skin use any cream or lotion without any oils because if you do it produces more oil in your skin and you will have more pimples / blemishes (whatever you call your spots)
  7.  Apply lemon juice to your face wait ten-fifteen minutes and rinse with water to reduce blackheads.
  8.  When you are wearing heels put deodorant to prevent blisters.
  9. Drinking water can help reduce spots.
  10. Witch hazel can help fight acne.
  11. coconut oil can help fight acne.
  12. coconut oil can help grow hair and eyelashes.
  13. Coconut oil can help moisturise skin.      

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