Ways to use Vaseline

  1. Use Vaseline to soften dry or rough skin. This could be your elbows, knees, arms and legs.

2. If you have callouses or rough spots on your feet, apply a thin coat of Vaseline at night then slip on some clean socks. Your feet should feel a bit softer the next morning.

3. You can use Vaseline after you have shaved to leave you leaving soft skin.

4.  Use Vaseline to highlight around your eyes.

5. Use Vaseline to grow your eyebrows by putting Vaseline on them.

6. Use Vaseline on your eyelashes to grow your eyelashes. Do this before you go sleep.

7.  Put Vaseline on your nails to make them look shiny and stronger.

8.  Apply Vaseline to your lips to make them soft and pouty.  This can also help to retain moisture.

9.  Apply Vaseline on your teeth.  Vaseline prevents from your lips sticking to your teeth.  It can also help stop putting lipstick on your teeth.  Only use this a small amount on your teeth. It can also be used for whitening too.

10. Use Vaseline on your hair to reduce itching which is also related to dandruff. Condition your scalp with Vaseline pre- shampooing after that message it delicately before you take the shower.

11. Use Vaseline as a hair mask around your hair line when you are drying your hair. It helps prevent damaging hair.

12.  Apply Vaseline to help stop rashes.

13.  Use Vaseline to put a quick shine to your shoes.






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