Iran, Shiraz -:

Persian Jeweled Rice:

Wonderful Tehran -


Persian art:

Khaneh Tabatabaei-ha ("The Tabatabaeis' House"), Kashan, Isfahan prov, Iran:

LOCATION: IRAN / mosque #Isfahan  #light #window:

Liz Taylor, Iran. VF.:

Amitis - Shahbanu Wife of Cyrus the Great:

Ottoman shamshir, 19th Century, Iranian wootz steel blade, scabbard set with gold, diamonds, emeralds and pearls, jade handle, a ceremonial sword, used for an investiture ceremony, a perfect symbol of the luxury, extravagance and workmanship in the Ottoman Empire, said to have been made in 1876 for the investiture of the Ottoman sultan Murad V (reigned May 30–August 31, 1876). He suffered a nervous breakdown before the ceremony and was deposed and imprisioned until his death in 1904.:

گلاب کاشان Rosewater:

The Masjed-é Emam Mosque in the pink light of the sunset:

Market Fresh Tabbouleh Salad with kalamata olives, persimmon, radishes, heirloom tomatoes, Persian cucumber, and pearl couscous  |  Helene Dujardin / Tartelette:



A Gem-set silver and gold rosewater sprinkler. Persian empire, 17th/18th century.:

The iranian handicraft art of minakari:

“وقتش تمام شد ، باید خانه تکانی کنی دلت را سالی نو در پیش است فقط یادت باشد امسال دلت را اجاره نده اگر کسی پیدا شد و ارزشش را داشت ، به نامش بزن این آمدن و…”:

Narenjestan mansion Ghavam Al Saltaneh, Shiraz - Iran 6:

Tut, marzipan mulberries:


ALANGOO - Handpainted Spring is Coming Haftseen egg - Persian New Year:



Persian Buttercup, Ranunculus:


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