My Favourite Songs TOP 20

  1. Temperature by Sean Paul 
  2. Hotel Room Service by Pitbull 
  3. Guap by Big Sean 
  4. Get Busy by Sean Paul 
  5. Slim Shady by Eminem 
  6. We be Burnin by Sean Paul 
  7. Rich girl by Gwen Stefani and Eve
  8. Locked Away by R.CITY & Adam Levine 
  9. Summer by Calvin Harris 
  10. Payphone by Maroon 5 
  11. Super bass by Nicki Minaj 
  12. Angel Eyes by Raghav 
  13. Wine and Kotch by J Capri & Charly Black 
  14.  Can’t Hold Us by Macklemore
  15. Black Widow by Rita Ora & Iggy Azeala 
  16.  Under Pressure By Logic 
  17. Breathe By Sean Paul & Blu Cartel 
  18. Work By Iggy Azeala 
  19. Señorita By Justin Timberlake 
  20. Lose Yourself By Eminem 

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