How to get a bigger ass!!

  1. Wear tight clothing Image result for tight clothing
  2. Wear leggings Image result for leggings tumblr
  3. Wear high waist leggings or trousers Image result for high waisted trousers tumblr
  4. Wear push up bras Image result for push up bra m & s
  5. Wear healsImage result for heels tumblr
  6. Waist trainers Image result for waist trainers tumblr
  7. Do cardio like sit ups or crunches Image result for crunches tumblr
  8. Do squats Image result for squats tumblr
  9. Do bench dips Image result for bench dips tumblr
  10. Eat the right food Image result for healthy food tumblr
  11. Drink water Image result for water bottle tumblr

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