How to lose weight (distractions & tips)

  1. Drink ice cold water Image result for ice cold water tumblr
  2.  Spin in circles Image result for spinning tumblr
  3.  If your hungry drink green tea when your craving food Image result for green tea tumblr
  4.  Chew on sugar free gum Image result for gum tumblr
  5. Take a nap Image result for nap tumblr
  6. Read a book Image result for book tumblr
  7. Clean Image result for clean tumblr
  8. Shower/ bath Image result for bath tumblr
  9. Whiten teeth Image result for whiten teeth tumblr
  10. Run Image result for run tumblr
  11. Do crunches Image result for crunches tumblr
  12. Stretch Image result for stretch tumblr
  13. Yoga Image result for yoga tumblr
  14. Weigh yourself at least 1 a week to see progress Image result for scale tumblr
  15.  Walk for 10-20 mins a day at least Image result for walk tumblr
  16. Track what you are eating in a journal Image result for journal tumblr
  17. Dance Image result for dance tumblr

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