Things that Goths, emos, punks like

  1. Fishnets Image result for fishnets tumblr
  2. Dark clothes or accessories Image result for goth tumblr
  3. Love dying their hair to bright colours like blue or dark like black. Image result for emo hair tumblr
  4. Eye liner, mascara eye shadow  Image result for emo makeup tumblr
  5. Likes making soul mates / to have one Image result for soul mates tumblr
  6. Ripped jeans or shorts Image result for ripped jeans punk tumblr
  7.  Bands or people like: Nirvana, Avril Lavigne, Arctic Monkeys Image result for arctic monkeys tumblr
  8. Not necessarily Dr. Martens Image result for dr martens tumblr
  9. Like to be skinny or lean Image result for goths tumblr
  10. Studs/ earing or ear holes Image result for ear holes tumblr

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