Pics of Amy Whinehouse

Amy Winehouse-though she was a druggy-- no fucks were given! i admire that. and…:

Love her music. She is so amazing. Despite her tragic ending, she is beautiful.:

Tell your boyfriend next time he around To buy his own weed and don't wear my…:

((open)) i finish cleaning the house the you walk up "you missed this"i take a…:

I ain't got the time...:

What everyone wishes to hear what more she could have created! !! Tragic and so…:

Você não tinha apenas talento, era dom. Dom de tocar às pessoas com sua melodia…:

Her beauty went deeper than her face and voice. It was her soul that she bared…:

Amy Winehouse  Love this picture of her.  She looks happy:

Amy Winehouse! How delicate she was in this photo. Young. Innocent. Full or…:

Singer Amy Jade Winehouse. Born 14 Sept 1983, Southgate, London. Died 23 July…:

I was expecting it to be cynical because I’m like that myself. I wouldn’t want…:

I get chillbumps every time I hear her voice...had this CD in my car the night I…:

Amy Winehouse. Yeah, she had problems. But girl could sannnng and you can't deny…:

Amy Winehouse remembered - Fashion Galleries - Telegraph:

Everything I want/ need in a woman.:

Amy Winehouse .:

Amy Winehouse. How she looked when I first watched her sing. Amazing voice. Sad…:

Amy Winehouse. She was so beautiful!!! Close to physical perfection.:

Amy Winehouse....I love this, how happy she looks...:

Amy Winehouse:

Amy Winehouse:

This crude film will reshape how we remember Amy Winehouse - Telegraph:


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