Celebs new hairsyles

Looks like we've got another Draco Malfoy on our hands! Cara went white-blonde and cropped a few inches off of her lob – it looks so ~fashion~. She told USA Today she went for the drastic new look because soon she'll be ditching all her hair for a movie. "I have to shave my head for my next part, so I have to do something different. So I dyed it. Just for fun. Just to change it up."

  1. Cara DelevingneVanessa decided to channel her inner mermaid by wearing some waist-length extensions. The flowy look has me wondering if Disney's new live action Ariel shouldn't have black hair instead of red! 
  2. Vannessa Hudgens Chloë's lob is officially dead and has now been replaced by a chic white blonde bob. The Fifth Wave star only cut off a few inches, but the new look is so good.
  3. Chloe Grace Mortez Since Victorious ended back in 2013, Liz Gillies' hair gradually has been getting lighter — but not so light we couldn't still see flashes of dark-souled Jade West. Now the star has made hair change that will force you to accept that her old character is gone forever: She dyed her hair BLONDE. Jade would never! You'll see more of Liz's new look in her role as Fallon Carrington on the CW's reboot of Dynasty.
  4. Liz Gillies After only five weeks of living the ginger life, Emma changed up her 'do again. This time, she went for a gorgeous warm brown color.
  5. Emma Roberts The ultra bae just dropped his gelled-up Uncle Jesse 'do for this floppy undercut – and I'm feelin' it. 
  6. Zayn Malik Benzo's new blonde-brunette shade is basically what a caramel macchiato would look like as hair. 
  7. Ashley Benson The Biebs revived his bleach blond hair in all its glory. Maybe he watched Harry Potter and got ~inspired~.
  8. Justin Bieber The Bob Club just got one smokin' hot new member! It's unclear whether this is a legit chop, or a faux bob, but either way, Dove looks great. 
  9. Dove CameronKylie decided to try out a familiar hair color on a night out in NYC last night, wearing a long pastel orange wig that totally looked like a scoop of sherbet ice cream. She rocked the same wig at Coachella last year and it looks just as flawless the second time around.
  10. Kylie Jenner Her short hair just got shorter! Loving the asymmetrical look. 
  11. Lucy Hale Everyone's favorite blonde is now a brunette! In the name of winter, she colored her hair a gorgeous chestnut shade.
  12. Ashley Tisdale Food-themed dye jobs are definitely one of the most epic hair trends and Emma's new orange 'do is the *spiciest* of all. The hairstylist behind it Nikkie Lee dubbed this flaming orange look #CayenneSpice hair. 
  13. Emma Roberts HB officially joined the lob gang with a wispy new cut that's totally retro. Diggin' it. 
  14. Hailey Baldwin The Little Mix singer is known for rocking long brunette locks, but it looks like Jesy was ready for a change. She chopped her hair into a flawless lob and got some gorge blonde highlights. Apparently she's got a whole new attitude to go along with the short look. "Short hair don't care," she captioned the pic she shared on Instagram. 
  15. Jesy Nelson Lookin' like she's about to star in Tangled 2, Ariana Grande showed off some new neverending extensions on Instagram. Fire up the GIF of her swaying locks and be eternally mesmerized. 
  16. Ariana Grande The blonde pixie strikes again! The "Call Me Maybe" singer bleached her dark locks and went super short with a spiky pixie. Killing the blonde game. 
  17. Carly Rae Jepson The former Wizards of Waverly Place star chopped off his shoulder-length locks, and now he's the spitting image of his Disney Channel character, Justin Russo. You'll definitely miss his long hair, but look at the bright side: His new Justin-like cut means we're one step closer to that Wizards reboot he teased with Selena Gomez, right? More importantly, he donated his hair to a good cause. "I couldn't think of a better cause to give my hair to then a child with cancer. Thanks @timduenashair @ninezeroone for making it happen :)," he wrote in his Instagram caption.
  18. David HenrieJustin had been growing out his hair for so long, he was on the brink of bringing back his beloved Bieber flip. Now pics of him catching a movie in L.A. show that he's gone and shaved it all off. Oh, well. Even if it's not quite Bieber bangs, the Bieber buzzcut is still pretty great.
  19. Justin Bieber The "No" singer revealed that she's dyed her auburn hair blonde in her most recent Instagram pics, a look that's totally familiar to fans who have been following her since she rocked the same look in her "All About That Bass" days.
  20. Meghan Trainor Last month, Queen of All Things Selena debuted a collarbone-length lob to the general shock and wonder of fans. Now, she's done above the shoulder with an angled crop that's crazy chic. Even out of the public eye, she's still slaying the game. 
  21. Selena Gomez Amandla joined the no-hair club for an upcoming role in the movie Where Hands Touch, where she plays a child growing up in Nazi Germany. On her Instagram, she gushed over the edgy new look, saying she feels "so aerodynamic now." 
  22. Amandla Stenberg Our resident rainbow princess went a little darker last night, coloring her previously multicolor locks a gorgeous midnight blue. She ditched her extensions and/or cut her hair and is currently slaying the shorter look. 
  23. Bella Thorne Just like her fellow liar, Lucy Hale, Bezo is ditching her classic PLL hairstyle for something a bit crazier. For her 27th birthday, Ash went candy floss pink – and added lace cat ears for good measure. 
  24. Ashley Benson Taking note from King Kylie Jenner, Debby colored her dirty blonde strands a gorgeous rose gold shade. So cute! 
  25. Debby Ryan Now that her neon tips have faded, Bella's trying out a whole prism of new colors. She added pink, purple, turquoise, green, AND yellow to her already red hair. The My Little Ponies would be proud. 
  26. Bella Thorne

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