How to lose weight with small changes

  1. Keep a food journal. This will help you track what you have eaten the past 2 days or week and u can see how much intake in healthy food you have.
  2. Exercise during advertsThis can even just be starjumps or squats.
  3. Reduce your intake in high fat foods. You have to be aware in foods with high amount of fat.
  4. Walk 5 minutes more a day. This will increase how much you move and this will make you lose weight.
  5. Use the stairs.  If your weighting to take the lift in your local shopping centre take the stairs. Or even try to do some exercises in your house using the stairs or even if you live in a flat use the stairs.
  6. Know how many steps you take. You can invest in a fitbit to be aware of how many steps you take because if your steps are low then you have to move to not gain fat from the food you take.
  7. Make your own food and eat it. When you prepare your food to school, work or an event you know what your putting unless you are putting ready made foods from supermarkets this can include savouries etc. If you prepare fresh food it is more healthier.
  8. If your travelling go walk it if its not a long journey. If your going to the supermarket go by walk if it is less than a mile you save fuel and money for bus or train.
  9. FRUITS. Eat fruits they benefit you a lot for example grapes help your hair and watermelon help your complexion.
  10. Have company. When your with a friend when your exercising it makes the time seem less and you can socialise with what is happening right now and your interests.
  11. Sleep. If you sleep more than you actually do now you will see a difference in how much you weigh. Image result for good body tumblr

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