If your a latino you will understand

  1. There is at least one piece of plastic on some or nearly all on your furniture.
  2. There is practically the picture of Virgin Mary or Jesus on the wall or even the cross hanging. Even if your not religious.

Image result for virgin mary picture latin

3.  Your first apartment / house has to be cleansed to clear all the ‘evil spirits’ away.

Image result for latin house cleanse

4.  Your home has so many of these.

Image result for latin jesus candles

5. Salsa is a must or any other picante- Hot sauce. Image result for salsa picante

6.  Your house smells of food all the time. Image result for latina cooking

7.  You definitely know what Adobo or Sazon is.- Seasoned Salt. Image result for sazon

8.  You have red wine with your dinner even if your young. Image result for red wine tumblr

9.  You have been drinking cafe con leche since day 1 and normally you have it with pan con mantequilla. Image result for cafe con leche y pan con mantequilla

10.  Your mami has been making cafe using this. 

11.  Your abuela- grandmother has been feeding you solids since you were 4 months.

12. You have been watching Primer Impactor or Sabado Gigante beacuse you grew watching them shows. Image result for sabado gigante


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