Ways to darken or tan your skin

  1. Eat a lot of foods containing tomatoes such as: tomato puree, salad, tomato soup etc.
  2.  Try australian emu oil and this product has no artificial alterations.
  3.  Some lotions are made specially to make tan such as Dove Derma Summer RevivedImage result for dove summer revived
  4.  Go outside when its sunny
  5. Make a cinnamon mix. All you need to do is mix 3tbsp of cinnamon to 1 cup of your lotion you prefer and mix well. Place the mixture to your skin and rub then allow it to dry.  When ready to remove it wash well with soap in the shower.
  6. Use the tea option if your skin is sensitive to cinnamon.  All you’ll need to do is brew up 6 bags of black tea, such as Earl Grey, in a large coffee cup. Search for a dark colour in the process of brewing which normally takes up 20 mins. Allow tea to cool and place to your skin. When it is cool use a large foam brush sipped in the tea and to put it on your skin. Do more layers for darker colour. Allow tea to dry before you get dressed. This process lasts longer.
  7.    Wearing dark colour clothes make you look more paler so go for light colors.
  8. Use cocoa butter.
  9. Sunbathe.
  10.  Use makeup such as bronzer to get a bronzy glow.
  11.  Spray tanning spray.
  12.  Tanning bed

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