Latin remedies that your abuela has taught your family

  1. Singing ‘sana colita de rana’ when your in pain.

2.Butter and salt to reduce swelling

3.Ginger ale when you have a tummy ache

4.Vicks Vaporub for EVERYTHING

5.Saying ‘Salud’ really loudly is the spanish translation to ‘God Bless You’ which people believe that if you say it, it will keep evil spirits away.

6. Wearing socks because ‘lower temperature compromises your immune system’

7.ALCOHOL. When your knocked out you forget the pain. You can even have it when your young if your latino parents or abuela let you.Image result for tequila shots tumblr

8.  Rubbing eggs on your body to scare off haters because that way it protects you from el mal de ojo (the evil eye) and your haters think your crazy so yh.

9.  Sea water from the beach to heal cuts or places where you are bleeding. No beach? easy get a cotton ball dab salty water / saline which is soaked with this salty water and dab onto the wound. This is antiseptic. Image result for sea water to heal cuts


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