Fun things to do with your friends

  1. make a sandmanRelated image
  2. Take an underwater photo shoot Image result for underwater photoshoot with bestfriend tumblr
  3.  Sneak out at night to be with friends Image result for sneaking out tumblr
  4. Go lazer tag with your friendImage result for laser tag tumblr
  5. Have a mud fight Related image
  6. Try every Ben & Jerry’s ice creamImage result for ben and jerrys ice cream tumblr
  7. Make a super long handshake with each other handshake
  8.  Go to Disneyland Image result for disneyland with friends tumblr
  9. Start a scrapbookImage result for scrapbook with friends tumblr
  10. Do an infinity sign Related image
  11.  Tie die Image result for tie dye with friends tumblr
  12.  Sleeping on a trampoline Image result for sleeping on a trampoline with friends tumblr
  13. Playing messy twister Image result for messy twister with friends tumblr
  14. Play hide and seek in Ikea Image result for hide and seek ikea with friends tumblr
  15. Sleep in a pool in a pool Related image
  16. Playing with sparkles Image result for playing with sparkles with friends tumblr
  17. Do paint balloon dartingImage result for paint balloon darting with friends tumblr
  18. Add a lock to the Pont des Arts bridge in ParisImage result for pont de arts with friends tumblr
  19. Travel Image result for travel with friends tumblr

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