‘Old’ movies young people should watch

  1. Beaches- 1988- This movie is about friendships and love. Pursuing a career in entertainment but it’s the best way possible. Image result for beaches 1998 movie
  2.  Sixteen Candles-1984- A girl Mollie Ringwald wakes up on her sixteenth birthday ad that she has been over shadowed by her sister’s wedding. Teen romance. Image result for sixteen candles movie
  3. The Breakfast Club-1985- 5 students from different lifestyles and locations attend a Saturday detention. Image result for breakfast club tumblr
  4. The Great Gatsby-1974- A young man from the Midwest living in mansions of the 1920s Long Island. A love triangle which will end in tragedy.  Image result for the great gatsby 1974 tumblr
  5. The Godfather- 1972- This movie focuses on the powerful Italian-American crime family. When the youngest son joins the mafia he gets included in violence and betrayal however he tries to maintain a normal relationship between him and his wife and family business. Image result for the godfather 1972 tumblr
  6. Back to the Future-1985- One of the characters time travels to the future and lives in the future. back to the future.gif
  7. The Goonies-1985- A group of friends searching for a long-lost pirate’s treasure in order to save Sean Astin’s house.  Image result for the goonies 1985 tumblr
  8. Pretty In Pink-1985- Andie is an outcast in her high school in Chicago. She works in a record store and she has a classmate that has a crush on  her named Duckie. One of the rich, popular boy named Blane asks Andie out and begins to realize something. Related image
  9. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off-1986- Countless adventures unfold for young Ferris as he skips school with his friends. Related image
  10. Stand By Me-1986- A story about a group of boys who go looking for the body of a missing boy. stand by me
  11. Dirty Dancing-1987- Baby is hoping that she will enjoy her holiday and turned disappointed when she has to spend it in a sleepy resort with her parents. Her luck turns around when her dance instructor turns into her dance partner and they fall in love. However Baby’s father forbid’s her from seeing him but is determined to perform the last big dance for the summer. Image result for dirty dancing tumblr
  12. Big-1988- Tom Hanks plays in this movie wishing on a fortune-telling machine  that could be big.  When his wish becomes true and gets older people follow. Image result for big movie tumblr
  13. When Harry meets Sally-1989-Sally receives a car ride from Chicago to New York and during that time they argue if men and women can ever be friends. Ten years later they meet at a bookstore with the company of their best friends…  Image result for when harry met sally tumblr

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