How to get thicker eyebrows

  1. Decide how your eyebrows should look like.

2.  Brush your eyebrows

3.  Use an eyebrow pencil.

4. Apply a powder.

5.  Hold your eyebrows in place.

6.  Trace your eyebrows using powder.



  1. Don’t use tweezers for 6-12 weeks so that your eyebrows can grow.

2.  Exfoliate your eyebrows with a brush or a sponge.

3.  Make sure you are eating the foods with the right nutrients.  OMEGA 3, VITAMIN B, IRON, PROTEIN AND ZINC.

4.  Apply Castor oil. Soak a cotton swab in castor oil and apply to your eyebrows each night. Leave the oil on overnight and in the morning wash it off with some cleanser. Changes may take place in three to four weeks

5.  Use coconut oil.

6.  Apply milk to eyebrows.

7. Finished.

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